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Client testimonials

I think the development was critical in terms of elevating my career and giving me a deeper understanding of the importance of communication.
Sgt David Britt
Chapel Hill Police
We are an extremely busy agency and constantly need to engage with the media. Understanding how to effectively manage communication is tremendously helpful in navigating our reputation.
Major Jeff Bissainthe
Florida Highway Patrol
We in law enforcement have an obligation to communicate to the community. We are not a perfect profession and when we fall short of expectations, we need to be versed on what to say, how to say it, and the implications of how it may land.
Lt. Emily McKinley
Louisville Metro Police Department
I think a lot of members of my team were enlightened when they were put on camera and asked to perform This was arguably some of the best professional development I have had in my career.
Tom Joyce
Fayetiville Police
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office-The training my team and I received from Tufano Media was invaluable.
Kaitlyn Perez
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office
Crisis Communications Development in this profession is a necessity. Too much hangs in the balance to leave things to chance. The Tufano Media team knows the landscape and provided our team with confidence.
John Hatcher
Casper WY PD