Crisis Communications Development

Our team has managed some of the country’s most high-profile law enforcement crises ranging from officer-involved shooting and in-custody death cases to a multitude of situations that have generated heavy media scrutiny and had the potential to undermine community trust.


customized training.

The ability to manage public perception, deliver perspective, and manage the narrative is critical in times of crisis. We offer a comprehensive Crisis Communications training program customized to align with your department’s needs.

Our program is designed to provide your team with the necessary skills and strategies to manage critical events with confidence, ensuring timely and accurate information delivery while advancing transparency and community engagement.  

Our Crisis Communications training and programs include:

Crisis Communication Plan Development

We will work closely with your team to develop a crisis communication strategy that aligns with your department's objectives, values, and operational procedures. This strategy will serve as a roadmap to guide your department's response during critical incidents.

Media Relations and Spokesperson Training

We will provide comprehensive media relations training to your designated spokesperson(s), equipping them with the skills to effectively communicate with the press during crisis situations. Our expert trainers will cover interview techniques, message development, and media engagement best practices.

Social Media Management

In today's digital environment, social media plays a pivotal role in crisis communications. Our training program will educate your personnel on utilizing social media platforms effectively and responsibly during crises. We will provide strategies for real-time information sharing, addressing rumors and misinformation, and engaging with the community through various online channels.

Tabletop Exercises and Simulations

Practical exercises are crucial for reinforcing learning and preparing for real-life scenarios. These exercises will enhance their ability to make timely decisions and effectively communicate during high-pressure situations.